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Air Hockey provides fast and furious fun for all the family

Air hockey is a great choice for anyone looking for a game that’s fast, competitive, energetic and exciting - boys, girls, ladies and men can all join in the action.

There’s nothing to beat the thrill of outwitting your opponent on the air hockey table and reaching the magic figure of seven goals first to win the game.

There are dozens of styles, models and sizes of air hockey tables available so we’ve brought them together on one site to save your trawling round other sites for hours.

You’ll find an extensive range of tables here at the best prices around - from the miniature table top models to top quality seven foot tables similar to those found in bars, clubs and amusement arcades around the world.

We feature standard air hockey tables which include pucks and mallets, flipper operated air hockey tables and a range of reversible and multi-games tables

All the top air hockey table names are here including BCE, Harvard, Air League Extreme, Python, Debut Orbiter and Mightymast.

Prices start from around £10 for a small mini air hockey table to more than £700 for large top quality tables. We’re confident you’ll find an air hockey table here that suits your needs - just scroll further down the page for more information about air hockey.

Air hockey is more popular than ever before and it's a game that's packed with fun and excitement. It was invented in America in 1969 and is now played around the world.

The game is very simple, but if you want to play like a pro you'll need to practice regularly to develop your skills. It requires excellent hand-eye coordination and slick wrist action - see Air Hockey Tips and Advice.

These tables come with required accessories including a puck and two mallets, also known as paddles or pushers, and spare pucks and mallets can also be bought online if you should lose or damage the original ones.

Air hockey is played with a player standing at each end of the rectangular  and holding a plastic or resin mallet. A round plastic puck is hit across the surface of the table with the mallet and a player must try to drive the puck into their opponent's goal which is a thin slit in each end of the table. The first player to score seven points is the winner.

Air hockey is a fast and furious game because a fan motor below the table surface forces air up through a network of tiny holes which allow the puck to glide easily on a cushion of air, substantially reducing friction. The air table is surrounded by rails which prevent the puck from gliding off the surface.

The clever air cushion concept ensures each game is played at lightning speed as opponents battle it out with mallets and puck. There’s never a dull moment when you battle it out with your family and friends.

We have an impressive range of tables for you to take a look at from several leading UK sports and leisure stores including Sweatband, Asda Sport and Leisure, Gym World Ltd, ToyRUs, Homebase, Just Sport and Leisure, Amazon, Boystuff, Debenhams and Millet Sports. All these stores operate secure payment arrangements which ensures you can shop safely from the comfort of your home.

And you can browse by price so you can find a table that best suits your budget - maybe you just want to buy a cheap mini table top air hockey game for a bit of fun with a colleague during your lunch break at work - if so, you'll find plenty to choose from here. But if you take your air hockey a bit more seriously you'll want to consider buying a larger table with proper air-driven capability, similar to the tables found in amusement arcades, bars and clubs.

If you take a look around you'll find tables in various sizes - including 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7ft tables for you to compare by price.

As you would expect the price of these great devices is dictated by their size and quality - but we've got a huge range from top manufacturers including models from BCE, Python, Debut Orbiter, Mightymast Scorpio and Vortex, Harvard, Air League Extreme and Pot Black. Some are folding tables which are great for easy storage when not in use.

Once you have decided on the size for your table, you will need to think about the price range that you are wanting to look in. As mentioned, air hockey tables come in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes and colours - some even have electronic score boards attacked and other interesting features to make the game more exciting.

We also feature several multi-games tables which are excellent for anyone who wants a bit of variety during their leisure time - apart from air hockey, some of these tables include football, skittles, basketball, table tennis and pool.

If buying a multi games table you will need to check the full description at the store to ensure it features proper air hockey, as opposed to glide hockey which is slightly different. Many of the multi tables, which comprise fewer games, do in fact include proper air hockey.

You'll also find some top quality reversible combination tables which can be spun round so you can play either air hockey or table football.

Air hockey really is a great game and is suitable for most ages so it’s something all the family can join in. It can be played outdoors in the summer months and provides great entertainment for winter nights indoors.

A top quality table will last for many years if cared for properly, guaranteeing you hours and hours of fun and excitement. So if you’re looking for a cheap air hockey table you’ve found the right site with the best prices in the UK.

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